Rochdale Health Alliance

In a time of change Health and Social Care across Greater Manchester is coming together to provide more efficient, cost effective healthcare and to encourage and engage the public in managing their own care where possible. GP practices across the borough who have historically worked independently have come together to work in a federated model to improve healthcare across the borough. Retaining their own identity and autonomy GP practices will work together and support community and hospital services including the public and voluntary sector to ensure healthcare is coordinated for the residents of the borough.

Rochdale Health Alliance was established in 2016 by GP practices from across the Rochdale Borough to streamline the way in which services are delivered. Each of the 3 area’s of the borough elected GP’s to represent their locality and become directors on the board.You can find out more here

Primary Care Academy

HMR Primary Care Academy is supporting implementation of the NHS strategic direction, the Five Year Forward View and the programmes that support it, particularly the GP workforce 10 point plan, which stresses the urgent need to recruit doctors and nurses into general practice, retain current staff and support returners.

To help future proof General Practice in HMR by providing clinical and non-clinical staff with the necessary workforce skills, values and support tools, such as mentoring to improve the quality and continuity of safe primary care services in HMR.

To promote HMR as the first-choice career location for GPs, Nurses and other health professionals planning their future and highlight the many benefits of living and working in the area with an emphasis on introducing roles emerging and apprenticeships available.

To demonstrate that HMR values its primary care staff and their essential role in securing the sustainability of the NHS and acknowledges the need to nurture and support career development.

To implement recruitment and retention initiatives to support GP Practices.

The Directory of Services

Rochdale now have a directory of services. Providing information on health, social care, childcare and family services within the borough of Rochdale